About Us

Halfway between Athens and Patra, located at one of the prettiest coastal areas, near the famous Corinth Canal, the ISTHMIA BEACH camping site offers its hospitality, while also giving you the chance to visit the important archaeological and cultural sites of Korinthia, Argolis and Attica, to cruise around the islands of the Saronic Gulf and organise your travelling elsewhere in Greece.

The ISTHMIA BEACH camping site is located on the 5th klm. of the Canal-Epidavros highway, on a lovely, 400 m.-long beach. It covers a total area of 25,000 square metres, on two different levels. The camping positions, on grass or earth, are divided by shrub bushes. It has every facility providing for a comfortable stay, sports activities, recreation by the sea and organised tourist tours. Visitors may rent a car or motorbike.